True Confessions: Having a Newborn

What was the biggest surprise about having a newborn?


"I was treated like royalty because I had a newborn. People said I looked amazing and that my son was the most gorgeous baby ever."

—Marny S., mom to 3 

"The biggest surprise about having a newborn was breastfeeding. It was stressful, painful l and impossible to control. While it no doubt can be very beneficial for a newborn, it added a layer of confusion and complexity to an already tough situation. I'm glad I tried it, but I wish more moms felt comfortable doing what's right for their mind, body, and baby instead of trying to live up to society's standards."

— Andrea B., mom to 1

“It’s surprising to go from being noticed as the pregnant lady for so many months to being invisible once the baby arrives.  When you are pregnant it’s all about you.  People stop you on the street to ask you when you are due or they tell you how great it’s going to be to have a child.  Once you have a child, people only pay attention to the baby.  It’s an odd shift to go from being noticed to being invisible.” 

—Lynn P., mom to 3


"That I could do it, that I could be calm with my newborn babies. I had spent my entire twin pregnancy in a state of extreme anxiety, but I somehow calmed down when they were born.”  

— Josie G-K, mom to 2

"No way could I give my baby a bath. It was terrifying."

—Kate S., mom to 1

"How blue I was and how much I resented my husband's ability to shower and go to work." 

— Lana L, mom to 1