What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

By Julie Cole

With Mother’s Day approaching, moms everywhere will soon be asked what we want as a gift. While I’ve never been a big fan of holidays that seem to have been created by greeting card companies, I am a big fan of cashing in on the opportunity to have one day a year that honors me. So for those of us who don’t want to receive cards or flowers or jewelry this Mother’s Day —or any day, really—here are three (yes, highly personal) things I think we all probably want. Be sure to show this list to your family members; and if they protest, feel free to pull Mother’s Day rank!

1. The promise that we will not be woken up while sleeping. We get woken up at all hours by babies and small children. So sleep-deprived mamas do not need to be woken up by the other grown-up in the home; nothing can make us crankier! So, to all the adults who happen to get up before their sleeping partners, take note: Please, oh please, do not sit on the side of the bed and make the mattress jerk around while you put on your socks and shoes. Carry them to the living room, or the hallway, or the bathroom—anywhere—and put them on there. Oh, and please don’t turn on your electric toothbrush until I’m up and caffeinated, either.

2. A moment or two to do our own shopping. On my second Mother’s Day, I had a 17-month-old and a 7-week-old, who were both plagued with chickenpox. Without naming names, someone woke up and announced he was going out on his own to do some last minute Mother’s Day shopping. A morning left alone with two spotty, unhappy, uncomfortable kids was not my idea of a gift. So, I quickly suggested the best gift of all would be if I spent the morning doing my own Mother’s Day shopping. In addition to having some time to myself, I actually got something I really liked that year.

3. A little more quality time alone. I love spending time with my family, which is why I do it as much as I possibly can. But if there’s a day that’s designated to me, it would be fun to spend a little portion of it hanging out with myself. Because how often does that ever happen? Sure, I’m okay with the fact that nights out on the town are few and far between—that’s what I signed up for when I had six kids. But what I like about this day is that I feel entitled to a rest. So when I find myself with kids hanging off my leg, I’d rather not find my husband out puttering in the garden or working in calm solitude on a project in the garage. Put the hammer down and release the children from me! Better still, clear out of the house with the whole pack of kids so I can indulge in some of this “me time” I hear so much about.

Julie Cole is the co-founding VP of Mabel’s Labels, a syndicated blogger, and a mother of six. Visit her here.

Photograph by Justin Van Leeuwen.