Deck Your Halls With These 7 Holiday Decorating Tips

By HomeAdvisor

Make no mistake about it, the holiday season is upon us. And if you have kids—and we know you do—they are probably already clamoring to set up the decorations. Here are a few tips to ensure that the season's decorating is not only hassle free for you, but also fun for the whole family.

1. Have a plan. Make a list of every room you want to decorate, and everything you want to decorate it with. Pretty sure you’re going to need new flashing lights for the mantle? Add them to a running list that you take care of all in one errand. 

2. Divide the labor. Don’t tackle the whole job on your own—or leave it to the kids with their short attention spans. Divide the tasks among you and decide on who should take what.

3. Reuse old ornaments and decorations. Dig our your old boxes of ornaments and decorations to see what can be reused, before you spend a lot of money buying new things you don’t need. All those strings of Christmas lights might miraculously work just fine, and you might discover a stash of menorah candles you’d forgotten about.

4. Let your creativity run wild. Spice things up with your own unique style. There are no hard and fast rules about decorating. The objective is just to create a space that you end your family enjoy looking and living in.

5. Keep kids safe. In a house with smaller kids, make sure you don’t put ornaments on the low parts of the tree, that the menorah is out of reach, and anything fragile can be seen but not touched by curious little fingers.

6. Use bright colors. Vibrant decoration colors not only look appealing, they give off a more festive feel. Teal, anyone?

7. Make collages. If you’re running short on decorating ideas, you can create a collection of family memories with a photo collage. And above all, make sure you’re having a blast while you do it! 

Photographs by Nikola Jelenkovic via Unsplash, and Pink Sherbet Photography