Crafty Kids: How to Make Marbleized Bookmarks

What you'll need: 

  • Acrylic cutting board
  • Can of shaving cream
  • Crafter's squeegee
  • Non-toxic acrylic paints in a variety of colors
  • Wooden skewer or toothpick
  • Watercolor paper cut to bookmark size 

Summertime is high time for reading! To get ready for the hauls of books you and your kids will bring home from libraries and bookstores—and crack open at the shore or in your camping cabin or on the plane to exotic locales—craft up a slew of these beautiful, classically marbleized bookmarks from our friends at Crafting Community. No matter how many books you start at one time (a definite summer reading hazard), these handy markers will help you ensure that you'll never lose your place! They also make great stand-alone gifts, or accompaniments to the book gifts you give to family and friends. Ready, set, marbleize!


1. Squeeze some shaving cream onto your board and spread it with the squeegee into a nice, even surface.

2. Dot some paint over the shaving cream. With the skewer, squiggle the dots of paint together (don't squiggle too much, though, or your paint colors will turn muddy).

3. Take your blank bookmarks and lay them over the paint, pressing gently with your fingertips. Don't press too hard, and don't shift the paper side to side.

4. Lift the bookmarks up slowly, then lay them on a clean surface and squeegee off any extra paint and shaving cream. If desired, add tassels or beads. That looks marble-ous!