6 Life Lessons Kids Learn from Their Dogs

When kids spend their childhood with a loving canine friend, the life lessons they can learn  are endless. If all goes well, a dog becomes one part protector, one part food stealer, two parts mischievous playmate, and one million parts best friend. From dreaming big to living fearlessly, check out the top things kids can learn from their pups, from our friends at DogVacay, where you can find pet sitters to keep your four-legged family members happy and healthy while you're away.

1. It's okay to be yourself. Dogs are never afraid to be 100 percent themselves at all times. When kids spend time with dogs, it helps them build confidence and teaches them that it’s okay to be silly.

2. Live fearlessly. Dogs approach life with a joie de vivre that’s so infectious, kids can’t help but be influenced by it. Pups are great at showcasing how beautiful life is when you’re not afraid to try new things…like eating your veggies!

3. Share your space. It’s not always fun to  share but with dogs in the house, learning how is fun (and comes with slobbery kisses).

4. Use your imagination. One thing kids and pups have in common is an unwavering sense of wonder, and dogs are good at reminding children to never stop dreaming.

5. Listen to each other. Sometimes, dog behavior can be just as baffling as the behavior of siblings, which means pups are great at helping children see the importance of good communication.

6. Appreciate your loved ones. Nobody loves us quite as devotedly as our dogs do. For kids, having the unwavering devotion of a pet helps them understand how to reciprocate that same kind of selflessness.